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What’s your soundscape?

According to the World Health Organization, distress at work is the health epidemic of the 21st Century.” It costs American businesses $300 Billion in lost productivity every year, impacting 162 million workers. 

Distress hurts your ability to earn a living and all parts of your performance, enthusiasm and joy. If you are one of the 162 million Americans stressed out on the job, that’s an insight that you aren’t reaching your holistic full potential.

If you could release destructive stress and pump up every aspect of your performance, from physical endurance to mental and emotional readiness, could you be more satisfied, more productive, happier?

Bill Protzmann is an expert on how the music you love impacts and supports you, and can teach you how to sound track your life to support every aspect of your wellbeing — at work, at home, with friends — physically, mentally and emotionally.

Whether you are a business of one, a team player, a human resources manager of employee assistance programs, or sit in the C suite, you can unlock the potential you have…using music. You, your employer and your family will thank you.

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He promises you a life-changing soundscape.