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How does Music Care work for me?

Your ability to grasp the power of music is based simply on your desire to do so: if you want it, it can happen. That’s because using music as a tool is awareness-based. Raise your awareness; change your life.

Music works on us at a preconscious level. Our responses to music are physiological before they become cognitive. Become conscious of the spectrum of your own responses to music, and you can choose and use music that’s right for you for the right reasons.

You can work with Bill in the following ways:

  • Individual* or group coaching, tailored to you or the needs of your team, delivered interactively to you over time to instill and support transformation
  • Workshops, normally given over a half day or full day, where you learn music care skills you can use immediately
  • Keynote presentations to launch and invigorate an enterprise-wide music care movement

The potential you have for reinvigorating yourself with music is unlimited. Evidence supports the possibility of your positive change with music. Want proof? Grab some of your favorite music right now and listen with intention. Prepare to be delighted with your results…and curious about how music can change your potential.

* Private online music care lessons are available on a limited basis. Click for more.

Two of our popular workshops:

The Connected! Workshop: your doorway to enhanced performance in business, home and life

The Connection! Workshop: an experiential cultural competency training for Veteran/civilian enterprises that teaches several evidence-based modalities for enhanced performance, self care and stress relief