Bill Protzmann's entertaining programs teach the use of music for relief from PTSI (post-traumatic stress injury) as well as other mental, emotional and physical issues.

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Bill Protzmann, Pianist

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Music Care is an entertainment program that uses music as treatment for post tramatic stree disorder (PTSD) and other mental, emotional and physical issues.

Music and healing explains the latest medical research about YOUR ability to use music for relief from PTSD / PTSI (post-traumatic stress disorder / injury) as well as other mental, emotional and physical issues.


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Watch a short overview of the Connected! programs and how and why they work

Bill explains why why Connected! is such a powerful program for finding relief from symptoms of war-related post-traumatic stress

Col David Sutherland on the best way to help returning Veterans (reposted from YouTube)

Our Latest Story

In my late 30s I learned that I had been very depressed as a child, teenager and young adult. Lucky for me, I had the piano, which was the best way I had to express my feelings. Even better, as I've learned, the music itself had a healing effect on me and kept me from becoming a statistic. Thank God my Mom was a piano teacher!


I had lung cancer and had a lung removed in 1994. After the surgery I never took any medication. I used earphones and listened to music and evidently the message of the pain didn't get to the head. It worked for me. Evidently music can also stop certain messages that we don't want to deal with or "hear."


I wanted to share something really good with you. I have been led by the "source" to create a grieving model using energy healing. Some time ago I came to the conclusion that we grieve the loss of a person mostly because our bodies are craving their energy...the unique energy frequencies that loved one or friend shared with us. The assumption is that their frequencies are no longer available to us. I have now decided that is not true. Their frequencies are now in the universal energy field, the zero point field, the close to us as our own energy fields.

So...if my energy frequencies are "stuck" in sadness, loneliness, fear, or other negative emotions, I can't pick up the frequencies of my loved one or friend. Using various energy healing techniques I can raise my personal energy frequencies to love, care, compassion, joy, appreciation, etc. It is from that position that I am more able to pick up the other's energy. HOWEVER...I need a "carrier", an energy wave that will transmit their energy frequency through the "barrier", from the "other side."

I tried listening to your tracks...using them as the "carrier" for my brother and my immediate family, all of whom are there. It works!!!!! It is amazing!!!! Your tracks are the best I have heard for this to happen. Since they were channeled my hunch is they are from the "other side" anyway.

How about that?????


Briefly: I was the daughter of a Marine Officer and a very religious mother. I am a sensitive, impressionable artistic person. I struggled with fitting into other people's "rules and regulations". I was desperate for love and thought the way to get it was to "make other people happy." You know the frog in the heating up water story? This is what happened in my 31 year long marriage. Things went from bad to life threatening eventually.

I had to find out the hard way that you can't get respect without having self respect and self respect means saying no, disappointing people, walking away sometimes, not trying to always "fix" others, creating your own happiness even if it means certain people won't fit in there. You have to be willing to be alone with yourself, to find new friends to get out of your comfort zone, have faith in the Universe, LOVE YOURSELF. I had to let go of a husband, a business and a house all of which I THOUGHT gave me security. They DIDN'T -- they kept me trapped!!! I had to get honest about who I wanted in my life and why, what my motives were. I had to risk taking care of myself. But... when I finally turned the tide, gradually EVERYTHING changed ... FOR THE BETTER!! New home, new job, new Love.

I am a new person. Not that I'm done...ha ha!! It's an ongoing growth, life is about movement, maturity, constant change. The difference for me is that now I get it! I don't kick the changes nearly as much, I even welcome them. I am not a victim and never was one. Now I know it and life has never been so rich!



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Musical Performance

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Bill Protzmann began the study of the piano at the age of three. By the time he graduated high school, he had won top honors in a number of juried competitions. In addition to classical recitals, Protzmann was a concerto soloist with the Palo Alto Youth Symphony, played in Dixieland and jazz bands, and performed in musicals and melodramas and as a solo entertainer. At the university level, he studied classical performance piano with Marie Garritson at Principia College, Elsah, Illinois, and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing in 1982. Following college, he gave several formal recitals of two-piano and four-hand works, as well as maintaining a schedule of various solo engagements.

Over more than 40 years of observing audiences during his live performances, Bill Protzmann has become fascinated with how music evokes feelings. From fascination came curiosity, then study, resulting in a new purpose for Protzmann's performance programme: musical healing.

In this focused format, Protzmann now presents specifically to audiences who want to have a more satisfying experience of their feelings, or who seek to either initiate or supercharge their recovery from -- or coping skills with -- some form of physical, emotional, or mental disability. His audiences include:

• Active-duty warriors and veterans who have experienced war-related mental, emotional, and physical trauma as well as many others suffering from post traumatic stress (PTSD);
• Survivors of abuse and cancer;
• Parents of difficult children;
• Children of all ages;
• The terminally ill and aged;
• Caregivers ranging from parents to skilled professionals.

Now, Protzmann's intention is to target these specific groups, entertaining each with a safe, affirming deeply-felt experience, while at the same time providing the tools and instruction each member of the audience needs to repeat the musical healing process at any time for themselves.

Rather than functioning as music therapy, Protzmann's program acts as a bridge between those who would benefit from adjunct treatment and the vast wealth of resources available to them. The program does this by subtly opening audiences to the possibility and potential of having a safe, affirming experience of their own feelings, introducing the physiological processes by which this takes place, and inviting listeners to recreate this experience for themselves. "I feel like a 'live reminder' of how music changes us," Protzmann says. "We've all known at some level that sounds make us feel things. I provide well-researched evidence of why intentionally listening to the music you love changes you, and tools for you to do this for yourself."


Professional Speaking

Executive, entrepreneur, entertainer, poet, playwright and project manager, composer, lyricist, and chief financial officer, an author and a gentleman....Bill Protzmann truly speaks from a wealth of experience.

He is the founder and principal consultant of TetraDym (teh'-tra-dime) Inc, a telecommunications management firm, specializing in high-end voice-path services and software-based voice network management. Protzmann has worked with Fortune 500 telecom and data managers for more than 20 years, providing expert-user consultation, training, and management skills in a highly technical field. His technical articles and white papers have been published in industry trade magazines, and he has written several thousand pages of client-specific user manuals.

Protzmann holds magna cum laude degrees in creative writing and piano performance. He has given solo and duet classical piano recitals and performed as a concerto soloist, played piano in jazz bands, melodramas and musicals, and tours with his one-man show which he created to bring his love of music to life. His recordings include an album of original New Age piano music, released under the title Serenity, and a collaboration with two other gifted artists featuring world flutes and Tibetan singing bowls titled Equilibrium. Protzmann's recorded arrangement of several gospel tunes, including Amazing Grace, was the number one download on the rhythm and blues hit list in July of 2000.

Protzmann has a passion for excellence in communication, both through music and speech. As a pianist, he learned early on that piano recitals are for the most part pretty monotonous, so he began to talk with his audiences to help break up the boredom. This gradually evolved into three different versions of his stage show, For The Love of Music. Protzmann has written a play called "A Muse Me" that juxtaposes classical piano with a humorous staged debate on the true meaning of music. "A Muse Me" was given its first staged reading in the summer of 2000 at the Crystal Mountain Center for the Performing Arts in Westcliffe, Colorado, where Protzmann also gave the formal premiere of For The Love of Music in 1994. He now focuses his performance for at-risk audiences, teaching through entertainment how music can be used as adjunct treatment for post-traumatic stress.

Protzmann has given technical seminars and presentations, addressed community and civic organizations, and has spoken on topics ranging from the inspirational and motivational to current issues and events. He has received both formal and informal training in public speaking and acting, and has a gift for humor and storytelling. His passion and purpose for being here with us is to release creativity using the music we love.


Musical Accomplishment (Historical)

Connected! The Healing Tour, Fresno CA, May 2011

Connected! for Warrior to Soulmate, San Diego CA, May 2011

It Had to Be You -- music of Gershwin, Porter and Berlin -- with Rebecca De Roche (vocals), Cathedral City CA, April 2011

Connected! The Healing Tour, Fresno CA, Feb 2011

Connected! workshop for Friend to Friend, San Diego CA, 2010-2011

Connected! The Healing Tour, Fresno CA, Nov 2010

California Dreamin' Mamas and Papas tribute with Bill Sheppard, Phyllis Brown and Rebecca De Roche, 2010

Connected! for ALZ Life Matters, Palm Desert CA, 2010

Connected! for Creative Change Conferences "It Happens to Men" conference on male sexual abuse, Palm Desert CA2010

Connected! workshop for 60-Minute University, Palm Desert CA, 2009-2010

Connected! Desert Premiere, Palm Desert CA, 2009

Connected! San Diego Premiere, Pacific Beach CA, 2008

Equilibrium CD with Cornell Kinderknecht (world flutes) and Jodi Roberts (Tibetan singing bowls), 2008

The Rumi Project, with Marshall Hawkins (bass) and Ernesto Ale (guitar), starring Andrea Bond (vocals), 2007-2009

The Bolling League, with Roberta Arshat (flute), David Hitchings (drums), David Jerome (guitar) and Chris Larson (bass), 2007-2008

The Broadway Revue with Marshall Smith and Hollis Fulmor, 2006-2008

For the Love of Music with Paul Carman (sax), Idyllwild Public School, 2006

For the Love of Music at Skye at Night, Idyllwild CA, 2006-2007

Skye at Night, an intimate performance venue in Idyllwild CA -- performer and impressario, 2006-2008

Diva!, co-creator with Susan Asbjornson, 2001-2009

A Muse Me, Crystal Mountain Center for the Performing Arts, Westcliffe CO - 2000

For the Love of Music: A Class Act, Crystal Mountain Center for the Performing Arts, Westcliffe CO - 2000

For the Love of Music: A Class Act, Seminars in Bible Studies and Christian Healing, Pacific Grove, CA - 2000

For the Love of Music: A Class Act, Keyboard Concert Club, Laguna Woods, CA - 2000

Bachelor of Music, magna cum laude, University of California, Irvine CA - 1999

Senior Recital, including works of all major periods by Bach, Schumann, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and Ginastera - professor Nina Scolnik, University of California, Irvine CA - 1999

Published recording (CD) of original compositions "Serenity" - 1999

For the Love of Music: A Class Act, Casa de las Campanas, San Diego CA - 1999

For the Love of Music: America at the Turn of the Century, Keyboard Concert Club, Laguna Woods, CA - 1999

For the Love of Music: America at the Turn of the Century, University of California, Irvine CA - 1999

For the Love of Music: America at the Turn of the Century, Keyboard Concert Club, Laguna Woods, CA - 1998

For the Love of Music: America at the Turn of the Century, Principia College, Elsah IL - 1998

For the Love of Music: America at the Turn of the Century, Crystal Mountain Center for the Performing Arts, Westcliffe CO - 1998

Accompanist for Susan Asbjornson and Emma Sabean performing a Monteverdi madrigal (continuo), University of California, Irvine - professors Nina Gilbert and Rae Linda Brown - 1998

For the Love of Music: America at the Turn of the Century, Cabrillo Playhouse, San Clemente CA - 1997

For the Love of Music: America at the Turn of the Century, Mission Theater, Fallbrook CA - 1997

For the Love of Music: A Musical Life, Crystal Mountain Center for the Performing Arts, Westcliffe CO - 1996

For the Love of Music: A Musical Life, Cabrillo Playhouse, San Clemente CA - 1996

For the Love of Music: A Musical Life, Camino Real Playhouse, San Juan Capistrano CA - 1994, 1995

Pianist, "Drug Abuse is Life Abuse," Orange County CA - 1994-1996

For the Love of Music: World Premiere, Crystal Mountain Center for the Performing Arts, Westcliffe CO - 1994

Published recording (tape) "When You Wish Upon A Star" - 1992

Public elementary school music enrichment program (Fallbrook and Saddleback CA school districts) - 1990-1997

Regular and substitute Nordstrom pianist, Santa Ana, CA - 1986-1995

Substitute church organist - 1983-1994

Arranger and rehearsal pianist for Ellen Breiten, cabaret singer - 1989-1990

Annual combined solo, duet (two-piano) and four-hand recitals with Candice Clarke - 1983-1986

Accompanist for piano concerto (Gershwin) - professor Nina Scolnik - 1986

Adjudication and subsequent recital performance with Candice Clarke, Young Artists' Peninsula Music Festival, Rene Golabeck, coach - 1983

Study of pipe organ repertoire and technique - professor Jeremy Carper - 1982

Piano duet (4-hands and duo) performance with Candice Clarke (MFA USC 1984) - works of Bizet, Milhaud, Mozart, Poulenc, Ravel, Gershwin - professor Marie Garittson - 1982-1983

Concerto soloist (Beethoven 3rd) - professor Marie Garittson - 1982

Accompanist for Senior Recital of vocal art songs for Becky Stevens, including works of all major periods by Handel, Hasse, Purcell, Schubert, FaurÈ, Brahms, Wolf, Floyd, Debussy, Berlioz, Rachmaninoff, and Ives - professors Marie Garittson and Sarah Rockabrand - 1981

Substitute church organist - 1975-1979

Rehearsal and show pianist/keyboardist for the high school production of "Godspell" - 1979

Jazz choir pianist - 1979

Grand Prize Winner (soloist) and Second Prize Winner (as accompanist), Fallbrook High School talent show - 1978

Rehearsal and show pianist/soloist, Fallbrook High School production of "Hilites" - 1979

Jazz ensemble pianist/keyboardist - 1979

Pianist, wind ensemble - 1979

Saxophone assistant section leader, marching band - 1978-1979

Saxophone assistant section leader, wind ensemble - 1978-1979

Principal typanist and assistant percussionist with Palo Alto Youth Symphony - 1978

Cofounder, and manager with The Louisiana Purchase Dixeland Jazz Band - 1977-1979

Choir accompanist, Valley Christian High School - 1977

Saxophone section leader, marching band - 1975-1976

Studied French horn, clarinet, saxophone, and percussion under Capt Melio Mayo, USN Ret - 1971-1977

Completed study of "Applied Harmony - Book 1 (Diatonic)" (George A Wedge) under Capt Melio Mayo, USN Ret - 1971-1977

Music Teachers' Association Certificate of Merit theory and musicianship (advanced level) - 1976-1978

Rehearsal and show pianist for the amateur melodrama "Under the Gaslight" performed by the Palo Alto Elks Lodge - 1977

Arranger, rehearsal and show pianist for the high school production of "Anything Goes" - 1978

Concerto soloist with Palo Alto Youth Symphony - 1978

Participant in Music Teachers' Association Certificate of Merit adjudication (advanced level) and subsequent recitals - 1976-1978

Winner, Los Altos Junior Women's Club competition - 1975

Participant in UNICEF adjudication and subsequent recital - 1974, 1976