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Bill’s unique approach uses music education to provide you and your team with tools to consistently perform with passion. He works with you and your team to tap into your power to trigger engagement and emotional relief using music.

Book Release by Bill Protzmann

The Value of Cultivating the Human Spirit in Your Organization

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Music Care

Music Care is the use of specific music — music that YOU love — to produce a desired emotional, mental or even physical result.

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Keynote Speaker

Bill’s passion comes from more than 40 years of on-stage performance. His innovative signature presentations engage audiences to discover and connect more authentically with the passion and inspiration that drive team success.

Workshop Facilitator

For more than 30 years, Bill has worked with teams from a diverse spectrum of industries including the Fortune 500, humanitarian and non-governmental organizations and agencies. Bill teaches hands-on skills, customized to the specific needs of your team. In the last few years, Bill’s performance-based empowerment through music has been an inspirational, hands-on component of national conferences on military behavioral healthcare, homelessness and financial literacy, providing tools that create immediate and durable results.


Music should be understood as a self-care tool for everyone. Bill is committed to serving his community through teaching self care using music to under-served and at-risk audiences: people suffering from post-traumatic stress, traumatic blast injury and other combat issues not yet fully understood by science; the homeless; chronic substance abusers; inmates in the justice system.

Bill Protzmann is an amazing presenter!

“Bill is an amazing presenter. His speaking and training abilities are outmatched only by his passion for music and helping Veterans. I’m not sure why I like what he does, but his use of music for healing touches me on some deep level that I normally don’t allow to surface.”

Eric Darling
Senior Human Resources NCO at 1-109th FA, Army National Guard
March 12, 2015