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Bill Protzmann helps working teams embrace breakthrough performance using music to trigger and empower emotional engagement. Bill’s unique form of music education provides you with tools to consistently put passion back into your performance.

Keynote Speaker

Bill’s passion for excellence in communication comes from more than 40 years of on-stage performance. His innovative signature presentations always engage audiences to discover and connect more authentically with the passion and inspiration that drive team success.

Workshop Facilitator

For more than 30 years, Bill has worked with teams from the Fortune 500 to humanitarian, non-governmental organizations. Bill’s in-depth innovative approach to team performance-based empowerment through music has been an inspirational, hands-on component of national conferences on military behavioral healthcare, homelessness and financial literacy.


Bill believes that missed music education early in life can leave us disconnected from our true passion and purpose He is working to change that by bringing his message to the most at-risk audiences alive today: human beings suffering from post-traumatic stress, traumatic blast injury and other combat issues not yet fully understood by science; the homeless; chronic substance abusers; inmates in the justice system.

Bill Protzmann is a master at his ability to relate his music to recovery!

“Listening to Bill Protzmann pulls all of the positive things about living into place. He is a master at his ability to relate his music to recovery for everyone. His music and his words of wisdom touch and teach at the same time that recovery is truly a gift, just like his music.”

Internationally recognized authority and lecturer on addiction and recovery